Saturday, January 28, 2012

Take a Deep Breath

Plain shirt - Connection
Canvas flowery printed shorts - local brand
Benzie clogs wedges - juice-string
Dream catcher necklace
Maroon postman bag - Hubsch
White heart-shaped glasses - unbranded

This week is the first week my hectic moment begins. Final exam was spending my entire energy like the way it likes to rain! Holy spirit...
I just can't hardly wait until 8th of February because it is the last day of final exam and I'm so ready for holiday. I took those picture when I hang out with mom and little brother a couple of days ago. We went to Cilandak Town Square Jakarta, had a coffee time, bought some shoes for mom's friend. I got one pair of ordinary black shoes (I don't know what type are they). I bought them half price from mom's coupon.
Today is Saturday. And I will utilize the rest of this day as good as possible to.... take a bed.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Katy Perry - The California Dreams Tour 2012

This is my very first post in my newest blog. My old blog was blocked by blogger because of little tiny accident. Poor me :(
But, I won't spend my time with the sad story from the past. That is why I make my new blog :D
I"m gonna share my little story about the latest concert I attend to fill my first post....

19 January 2012,
Katy came to Indonesia bring her love and surprises to all of the crowd at Sentul International Convention Center. I went to her concert with my best friends Gita and Dewi.

My partner in concert

Me and Gita
Flashmob!! I've got goosebumps

I'm so lucky because I can saw 3 great performances in 1 day.
Katy on stage at 9pm. Before we entered SICC, we decided to watch RAN and Raisa. They were awesome. Especially Raisa, I'm one of her many fans.

Raisa on stage!! My favorite Indonesian singer


The stage from distance. I really love the curtain and the stage decoration.

When she sang PEACOCK. Great costume!
With Candyland concept, Katy successfully hypnotize SICC. She is a good entertainer.
The best part of this concert was when Katy sings HOT & COLD. She changed her costume over and over again. It was like when guys see in magic show. She changed her clothes not more than 10 seconds. Gosh!!
 Oh! Before Katy sang I KISSED A GIRL, She said,"I want the first boy to take their shirt off to get up on stage" and know what, She got a boy to the stage and kissed him in front of the crowd!! We couldn't stop screaming.
I was too excited and had no time to take the picture.
'Cause baby, you're a firework! Come on, show 'em what you're worth
California Gurls

Katy with the dancers shoot  the crowd with a water-gun and threw some giant beach balls into the crowd.

Me and Dewi with two ladies in blue wig

After the show in front of stage. Can you guys see the cupcake in the background? CUTE!
I thought, Katy Perry The California Dreams Tour will be the greatest concert with the cutest concept in 2012. I already miss Katy.. She is unforgettable, undeniable, fine, fresh, and fierce!!!

See you next time Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson