Friday, October 30, 2015


ORORI Indonesian Pioneer Jewelry Online Store
It’s been a while since my last post.
And now I’m coming with something shiny and special for you accessories lovers.
Say hi to ORORI, the pioneer of jewelry online store in Indonesia.
ORORI provides high quality jewelry from wedding rings, engagement rings, pendant, gold necklace and many more.
ORORI also provides jewelry boxes and jewelry cleaners.
These are some of their collections which I adore so much.

I've heard that some of my childhood friends are getting married this year. I'm pretty sure, choosing the right wedding ring is one of their crucial things. They have to choose a pair of wedding ring that they will want to wear forever and can live with for years to come.
ORORI will be a brilliant recommendation for them to get a pair of wedding ring. Yes, I will recommend ORORI to them and to you for sure!

Talking about wedding ring, when you are buying a wedding ring online, make sure you buy them at a jewelry store that has credibility.
You will find many good and authentic testimonials from ORORI's costumer on their site.

So, no need to worry, choose your perfect jewelry at ORORI now because the good news is they are still giving their best price until today!

Photos edited by Tara Mahakita

Monday, May 26, 2014


I spent my last Saturday night with these crazy girls. Took a lot of silly pictures in a hidden (not really) part of a the mall. It was so fun. Happy to finally reunite again. We helped each other to took outfit-of-the-day pictures, we shopped, we had dinner and attended a fashion show that day. A totally fun thing to do with your friends.

Slit skirt: BENASH // Shoes: Staccato // Cropped top: Ezra // Jacket: Retail Theraphy

Photos taken by Lulut Marganingtyas and Selly Octavia

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I wish I was special
                                You're so fucking special

 I don't care if it hurts

                                     I want a perfect body

                                                                                       But I'm a creep

                                                                                                               I'm a weirdo

 What the hell am I doing here? 

                                I don't belong here

 She's running out the door

             She's running out

                                             You're so fucking special

       I wish I was special

  But I'm a creep.

I'm currently falling in love with Carrie Manolakos. For over a week, her voice has been stuck in my head. No! this is not about my recent feeling, I just love her voice and the way she sing this song. I'm beautifully overwhelmed.
Today, I went for a technical meeting. INFARE Bazaar is getting closer! It will be held on 31st May until 1st June at EX Jakarta. Only 2 days guys! Don't forget to mark your calendar. INFARE 3 is bigger than before! you won't regret. :p

Parka: OpenBox // Top: Vintage // Wrap skirt: Gaudi // Sandals: Zara // Bag: Vintage

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Happy Mothers International Day! To every great, amazing, patient, diligent, and awesome mom all over the world! I don't say it to my mama actually, I just feel awkward and geez I don't know. I just don't. I only pray and wish all the best for her and say thanks (deep inside my heart) to being the greatest God's creature I have ever had in my life. I do love you, mama!
 How's your weekend? Mine is pretty good. I spent my weekend with mama. I baked a cake and prepared my home to welcoming our neighbor with her (with papa and my little brother as well, but this post is special for mama that is why I mention her quite a lot. Teehee!). Tonight, my neighbors will come to my home for praying rosary. A bit busy today but still have a little time to write an outfit post.
I definitely can't say no to not wearing this red overall tough it made me look like a kid. This overall is one of Cataliber newest collection. I paired it with some red thingy. Choker from L.I.N.F and red accent clutch bag.

Overall: Cataliber // Crop top: Ezra // Choker: L.I.N.F // Sandals: Pinx // Clutch: Unbrand // Arm candies: Angelica // Rings : H&M

Photos by Gregorius Gerald

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I'm making a new post in the middle of World Labor Day. It feels good knowing that I have 3 free days this week. Sleep a lot, eat a lot like a pig.
I'm in the mood to wearing black and white outfit nowadays. Play safe, they said. And this white skirt is another version of Greg Slit Skirt by BENASH. Paired it with tartan shirt, I love how the color pop out from the entire outfit.
Well, we still have 1 day to go to weekend. Let's survive! :))

Tartan crop shirt: Ezra // Oversize blazer: Bloop // Slit skirt: BENASH // Bag: Vintage // Shoes: Damnsawsm

Photos by Gregorius Gerald

Saturday, April 26, 2014


I'm busy recently. But I like it. Busy doing things you love will keep you healthy, as long as it not to much and tiring. I'm going to join my second bazaar with Angelica. Yes, Cataliber is joining its second bazaar! We preparing all the materials we need about one month. Chop chop! We are in a rush. I hope all is well.

Anyway, I'm wearing St. Bernadette pendant choker from L.I.N.F by Liz Elizabeth. St. Bernadette is my guardian angel, my baptist name is Bernadetha. I found this very old pendant in mama's jewelry box a couple of years ago. I have no idea where my mom got it and why she never use it as a pendant on her necklace. It saves perfectly in her jewelry box. I asked Liz, my blogger mate, to make a choker special for me with this pendant. And voila. I love the result! It suits me well, isn't it?
This skirt is a new collection from BENASH. I paired it with white top and silver shoes from Vroka Footwear as the final touch.

Bon weekend mes amis! <3

Top: Ezra // Skirt: BENASH // Silver Shoes: Vroka Footwear // Choker: L.I.N.F by Liz Elizabeth

Photos by Gregorius Gerald

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Boyfriend jeans trend is back!
I only wore these jeans once since I bought them. They looked awesome on mannequin but not on me. Bright color pants made my thigh looks bigger errrr
So yeah, I just stocked them in my wardrobe and never wear them again. Until I modified these old jeans to give them a total different look. I ripped these jeans at the both sides and voila! I can wear them again now.
My thigh still looked bigger, I know. But these are the only jeans I don't want to wear anymore, That is why I decided to use them as an experiment.
What do you think?

Platform sandals: Pix // Rings: H&M // Shirt: unbranded // Bag: Mom's // Jeans: vintage

Photos by Gregorius Gerald