Sunday, December 29, 2013


I spent my Christmas vacation at Yogyakarta, papa's hometown . Before I went to church for Christmas Eve with my big family, I managed to meet up with blogger friends Denia and Vania at Artemy Gelato. This was my first time meet them in person. Denia is a nice girl, her style define her personally, nice and sweet. Vania is a funny girl. We talked like we have known each other for a long time and I like this kind of person.

We managed to meet up at Artemy Italian Gelato because I've got a recommendation from my cousin about this place. Artemy Italian Gelato and Coffee Shop is a cafe with Italian classic concept located at Jl. Kranggan No. 58 Yogyakarta. Artemy Italian Gelato serves gelato and sorbet with various flavors. I chose 2 scoops premio gelato, ferrero rocher and candy holiday. Its 25.000 rupiahs for 2 scoops premio gelato and 15.000 rupiahs for the crunchy cone. I chose choco chip for the topping and its 3.500 rupiahs. I also ordered a slice of green tea cake, its 15.500 rupiahs.

This cafe filled with Christmas decorations. Christmas tree, lights, dolls and special Christmas cake are available to accompany you enjoy your gelato.
Kind of must visit place if you come to Yogyakarta.
Follow their twitter to know more @artemy_gelato

Pants, bag, jacket : vintage
Sandals : Pinx
Hat : unknown
Ring : gift from Gracia
Bracelet : gift from Lica

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Who own December? Me!! I got a lot of gifts on my 23th birthday. Well, yesterday, 17th of December was my birthday. Thanks for your belated birthday greeting haha. What I got for my birthday? Imma make some points:
  • I just graduated from my college
  • I got a job three days after I graduated
  • Tara, my boyfriend graduated on same day as my birthday
  • Surprises from my family and best friends (Gita, Dewi, Moko, Avi and Jojo)
God is amazing. I just can't stop saying THANK GOD, THANK JESUS. I know, If I put my trust in God, everything feels easier. Every problem is a lesson that God gave to me, I believe that God will not give me more than I can't handle. Well, a lot of resolutions are waiting to be done on my new age, crossing fingers!

Here is my outfit idea for you. I'm wearing statement necklace by Stephanie Sekar and maxi skirt by BENASH. I choose green as the main color for a reminder that Christmas is getting closer.

Clutch : Amante
Statement necklace : Stephanie Sekar
Green maxi skirt : BENASH

Thursday, December 12, 2013


This is the second day I live as a bachelor of communication. I'm officially graduated!! Yes, a fresh graduate and yes, a unemployed. Not literally unemployed because I have some project during this long "holiday". And today, I would like to introduce my first project, the little one called BENASH. A tiny online store which is hoping to be able to complete your wardrobe. Too bad, BENASH only share their collections on instagram this time. Don't forget to stalk, follow and get their collections on instagram. Click >> BENASH

A secret project is still on progress. This is mine and my best friend, Lica's dream. I definitely will share this project to you, just wait and relax.



Pleated skirt : BENASH
White shoes : damnawsm

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Aye! After looking forward to graduating college for years, finally its here, in front of my eyes. Amm if you read my post, you know it was a long road for me to get there. I had struggled with internship, thesis and thesis defense. For me, everything I've done is a challenge to test my patience, courage and my belief in God. Graduated with bachelor of communication is a steppingstone to get another chance and achievement in my life.
6 days to go until my graduation day. Everything is well-prepared. Kebaya, hairdo ideas, mama's dress, papa's outfit. But I forget to prepare my shoes, ugh!
I just found the perfect shoes to complete my graduation look at Sachlirene. They call them Marionette.
I do love their design but too bad the color doesn't match with my dress. Until I found that "Choose My Colors" button. Yes, I can customize those heels! And here is Marionette heels after I customized the colors.

What do you think? I think those are the most perfect shoes for my graduation! And oh, I just know that Sachlirene has a signature sole. Every shoes have a personal message to their customer, and I will never know what the message is until I receive my shoes *hmm a bit curious*. Let me show you the clue.

Sachlirene's Wondersole
Sachlirene give me a specific sizing information including some steps to determine my shoe size. So, no need to worry about the unfit size. For the payment method, Sachlirene provide me some options. I can use USD or IDR, also using paypal method or bank transfer. Such an easy way to shop and you have to experience yourself! :)
visit Sachlirene's website on
                          facebook on
                          instagram on @sachlirene_id

ps: this premium brand shoes ships internationally

Well, this is just a glance of my graduation story, tomorrow will be the general rehearsal of the graduation, so I have to go bed now. See you!