Thursday, December 5, 2013


Aye! After looking forward to graduating college for years, finally its here, in front of my eyes. Amm if you read my post, you know it was a long road for me to get there. I had struggled with internship, thesis and thesis defense. For me, everything I've done is a challenge to test my patience, courage and my belief in God. Graduated with bachelor of communication is a steppingstone to get another chance and achievement in my life.
6 days to go until my graduation day. Everything is well-prepared. Kebaya, hairdo ideas, mama's dress, papa's outfit. But I forget to prepare my shoes, ugh!
I just found the perfect shoes to complete my graduation look at Sachlirene. They call them Marionette.
I do love their design but too bad the color doesn't match with my dress. Until I found that "Choose My Colors" button. Yes, I can customize those heels! And here is Marionette heels after I customized the colors.

What do you think? I think those are the most perfect shoes for my graduation! And oh, I just know that Sachlirene has a signature sole. Every shoes have a personal message to their customer, and I will never know what the message is until I receive my shoes *hmm a bit curious*. Let me show you the clue.

Sachlirene's Wondersole
Sachlirene give me a specific sizing information including some steps to determine my shoe size. So, no need to worry about the unfit size. For the payment method, Sachlirene provide me some options. I can use USD or IDR, also using paypal method or bank transfer. Such an easy way to shop and you have to experience yourself! :)
visit Sachlirene's website on
                          facebook on
                          instagram on @sachlirene_id

ps: this premium brand shoes ships internationally

Well, this is just a glance of my graduation story, tomorrow will be the general rehearsal of the graduation, so I have to go bed now. See you!


  1. Love the second picture dear :D


  2. hihi iya lama ga ktemu ya! blog aku baru diactive-in lately haha thanks ya! blog mu lbh kece lg!
    btw, goodluck for everything you do!
    and check my new post & happy shopping <3

    Little Miss Olen.

  3. promo mba,hahah akhirnya graduate juga ya :,)

  4. I wore Sachlirene on my latest post as well! They kindly sent me their Olivia pumps and it's the comfiest heels ever sponsored! LOL

    glad you choose this brand!

    happy graduation!

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