Friday, September 28, 2012

Bali Fabric

I had a kinda hard week these two weeks. I always trying to start writing my thesis but you know, I spent almost all of my energy in internship thingy. Gosh, exhausted. Woke up at 5am then got home at 7pm. All I want to do when I got home is just hit my bed and sleep. So tired. Work without passion is tiring. But somehow.. I keep my mind stay positive and wish everything goes well.
I'm so excited with this outfit actually. Because that aztec print skirt was my mom's. Yes, my mom's and now mine. I love its color combo. I asked mom, where did see get this unique skirt. She answered, dad bought the fabric from Bali. And mom decided to tailored them. I made it shorter than before. Added some gold jeweleries to make my outfit brighter. What do you think?
Have a nice weekend!




Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ça biche ?

HOW ARE YOU!!! What? Where have I been? Oh..I’ve just begun my internship last week in a hotel. I spent my week (Monday to Saturday)on my internship and too busy to update my blog :( but now I would like to share about it. I enjoy this internship so far. I got some friendly and very nice new colleagues. Wearing black blazer, black skirt, black stocking and black heels made me look a bit monotone. I dyed my hair to black. Totally black. I removed my nail polish. And I took out my pierchings. Well, this was my outfit to go to the office few days ago. OFCOURSE without those neon thingy and backless. I added a black blazer to cover the backless top..
have a nice day guys