Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Liebster Award


Desp and Goni from Beauty is in The Eye of Beholder nominated me for the Liebster Awards *drumroll* Thank you so much girls!! This is the first time I nominated in an award. The Liebster Award has some rules.. :
v  write 11 things about yourself
v  answer the 11 questions your tagger asks you
v  nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers & tag them in your post
v  make up 11 new question for the bloggers you nominated & tell them
Here my answers..
v  11 things about myself
1.       I’m a dreamer
2.       I live in Indonesia
3.       I wish I have British accent, leaving in UK is one of my dreams
4.       Brazil is my dream since I watched RIO and FAST TO FURIOUS
5.       Pink is my favorite color
6.       I hate top without pattern or prints. I prefer plain black or white top
7.       I really want to have collarbones
8.       I’m a coffee holic
9.       I love my family and my best friend
10.   I always sleep late since I love blogging
11.   I wish I have a big room full of shoes!
v  Question from D&G
1.       Do your friends call you by a nickname?
    They call me BENASH. Stands for BErtha NAtaSHa
2.       What’s your favorite perfume?
    I love Benneton. Paradis pink. I used it since in junior high school
3.       Which part of your body you prefer to reveal?
4.       Lipstick or lip gloss?
    Lip gloss
5.       What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?
    Bob! I looked like miss piggy
6.       What do you have in your bag?
    Camera, wallet, blackberry, Samsung tablet, PAC powder, lip balm, perfume
7.       What type of guys do you like?
    Smart, good looking, friendly and have good sense of humor
8.       What do you wear to look your best on a date?
    Simple outfit with statement necklace and shoes
9.       What would be the perfect gift from a guy to you?
    A trip to an island
10.   What are you jealous of on other girls?
    I get jealous of girls with beautiful legs, hair and great style
11.   What are you most afraid of?
   Ghost *face palm*
v  Bloggers nominated by me

1.       Annissa Mawinda
2.       The Barbarism Me
3.       I Speak Prada 
4.       Little Girl Blue
5.       Butterfly on The Move
6.       Damsel with Dresses
7.       Finedai
8.       Crediin Testessa
9-11 I have no idea L

v  My questions

1.       What is your biggest dream?
2.       What is your favorite brand for shoes?
3.       Sneakers or flat shoes?
4.       Where is your favorite place?
5.       What will you do the most before you die?
6.       What is your biggest goal in 2012?
7.       Furla candy bag or Cambridge satchel?
8.       What country do you want to visit the most?
9.       What is your weirdest hobby?
10.   What movie made you cry a river?
11.   Where is your favorite place to shopping?


I paired my denim colored with union jack tee. I love their color combination. To made it more catchy, I added denim vest and black suede wedges. I think, it would be better if I wore boots than wedges. What do you think?

Monday, August 20, 2012



I'm now on holiday. The destination that I really want to go is BEACH. As simple as that. I miss walking barefoot on the sand, smelling salty air and getting my skin tanned.
I wish I can reach beach on this holiday.
About this outfit, just a simple outfit I wore to go out with my cousins. I styled these grunge shorts by Abocs with cut out shoulders shirt and espadrilles oxfords. I got that peacock necklace from my sister's accessories storage.
Happy holiday peeps :D



Monday, August 13, 2012

I Think I'm Paranoid

Yesterday I had lots of fun with my girls. Although I came late to the cinema and missed some parts of Street Dance 2 but it was not a big deal for me :D Street Dance 2 was cool! Made me want to know more about Latin style dance. Latin style dance is so sexy.
Yesterday was not only about the movie. We broke our fast together (well, their fast. I’m only the participant LOL). And the awkward part was…. Caught by the police because we broke a traffic regulation. This is kinda funny but scary tho. I’m a paranoid of policeman, I tell you. Even if I don’t make any mistake, my heart beat faster when I see policemen.
Oh hey! It’s 13 August now! Today is mama’s birthday and I’m ready for a little surprise. Wish me luck for the surprise guys. I’ll see you soon.

How i love my new ombre hair! What do you think?

Jessica's dinner. It was.. shark!

Selly Octavia

Jessica Paramartha

Lulut Marganingtyas





Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A day with Angelica


Today I watched Total Recall in a cinema with my best girl, Lica. Total Recall was extremely awesome. It was like I’m saying a thousand “wow” during the film run. We had a sweet late lunch after movie at Brussels Springs. They served Belgian dine. I didn’t really like my strawberry cheese waffle. But who cares? I had my favorite girl in front of me! Hahaa we talked much about everything, as usual. And she told me that she will go to Bangkok for holiday and of course she asked for some shopping list. She is my best fashion buyer. We almost have same taste. That is why I always like what she gets for me.
Anyway, I just made an instagram account "berthanatasha". I post random pictures there LOL check it out and follow :)




Thursday, August 2, 2012

Asymmetric Skirt // SALE

How’s your day? Tonight I’m going to present my DIY skirt *drumroll*
And this lovely asymmetric skirt is now on sale (Indonesian reader only). For you who are interested with this cute skirt, kindly send me an email with PINK SKIRT subject at Pretty sure, I’ll give you special price. I only make it one piece for now. Grab it fast ;)

Skull collar - Niken's
Chain ring - Chloris
Wooden wedges - Forever 21