Saturday, February 1, 2014


So I'm going to spread a good news to all my Indonesian friends, especially who live in Jakarta and around. Indonesia Fashion Care (INFARE) fashion market & garage sale part 2 will be held on 27th of February until 2nd of March at FX Jakarta. This is such a huge news for me since my new project which is a collaboration project with my friend will officially launch at this event. Wohooo! Glad that I'm joining this event with 14 other fashion bloggers. So yea January and February are such hectic month for us. I've never been a part of a bazaar like this, you know, I often come to some fashion bazaars but only as a buyer. And now, I will be the tenant, excited much?
We will absolutely let you sneak a peek to our project, just follow INFARE on instagram to keep you updated.


Top: Kivee // Skirt: BENASH // Boots: Juice-string

Photos by Gregorius Gerald