Friday, October 30, 2015


ORORI Indonesian Pioneer Jewelry Online Store
It’s been a while since my last post.
And now I’m coming with something shiny and special for you accessories lovers.
Say hi to ORORI, the pioneer of jewelry online store in Indonesia.
ORORI provides high quality jewelry from wedding rings, engagement rings, pendant, gold necklace and many more.
ORORI also provides jewelry boxes and jewelry cleaners.
These are some of their collections which I adore so much.

I've heard that some of my childhood friends are getting married this year. I'm pretty sure, choosing the right wedding ring is one of their crucial things. They have to choose a pair of wedding ring that they will want to wear forever and can live with for years to come.
ORORI will be a brilliant recommendation for them to get a pair of wedding ring. Yes, I will recommend ORORI to them and to you for sure!

Talking about wedding ring, when you are buying a wedding ring online, make sure you buy them at a jewelry store that has credibility.
You will find many good and authentic testimonials from ORORI's costumer on their site.

So, no need to worry, choose your perfect jewelry at ORORI now because the good news is they are still giving their best price until today!

Photos edited by Tara Mahakita

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