Thursday, May 17, 2012

I would still be holding you like this ∞


 I've told you in my previous post that I broke my camera. My old darling is broken and can't be fixed. Sad? Of course yes!
But thank God, miracle does exist. My best man a.k.a Sir Ignatius a.k.a papa bought me a new one (you don't think that this camera sent from above, right?). He gave me budget and let me choose my new darling by myself. And voila! This is it.... Red Canon Ixus 125 HS

In this post, I will invite you to follow my trip to college. Here we go!

I always go to my college by bus
Listened to the music through earphones when I feel bored
Chitchat with friends or boyfriend by my peach blackberry
This was the condition of the bus.
Not good nor bad either :D

Traffic feels like a new culture here :(
Policeman catch a taxi driver who disrespecting
a traffic regulation
Gotcha! Another passenger who fell asleep

I got closer with the college
Jakarta. Construction everywhere
I took time to visit Mariani's dorm then we will walk to college together. She leaves at dorm with her sister, Regina. Her dorm is near our college. Then, what happened on in Mariani's dorm ? Take a look on these pictures below.

Me with Regina

Me with Mariani

Done photo shot, We walked to college together.

Leopard collar shirt - unbranded
Black handbag - Mama's stuff
Blue jeans leggings - basic
Brown flat shoes - Selitoes Shoes
Leopard glasses - unbranded

I got an invitation from GUESS. They cordially invites me to "Over 20 different bloggers and GUESS celebrating 30 sexy years" on this Saturday. Super excited!!

Thank you so much for your nice feed back. I do appreciate it <3




  1. Great Pictures ,you look cute :)


  2. u look lovely here!And the leopard collar is just awesome! Thank u so much for the follow! Followed u back sweetie!
    Keep Smiling:D

  3. You are so lucky! Love your leopard top! Your day looked like much fun!

  4. nice photo. and glad to know that you got a new camera. congrats!

    and hi everyone, please read this ->


  5. Canon Ixus is THE BEST! ~because I also have and use this! I love your bag and your glasses!!! You look great!!!

  6. Love your jeans! Thanks for sharing. P.S.- I'm also hosting a giveaway at the moment and invite you to enter if you'd like :) Check It Out Here.

    xo Lindsey
    Complacency Kills 

  7. love your style and outfits. see you a :)

  8. Your ombre hair is so beautiful I love it! xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  9. love that blue jeans! and yeah i live in jkt too and traffic is drolling me crazy,haha anw thanks for coming by dear,following you now,kisses!

  10. This is awesome! Looks like a fun trip to the college :)
    Love the leopard print that popped up in your collar and glasses. So cool. Plus, the blue jeans are awesome!

    Trendy Teal
    Enter to win a $50 voucher for Dark Horse Jewelry!

  11. aww i love your top. i get the invitation but i can't come. you should post the rivew this event :)

  12. cute outfit and glad to hear that you have a camera again! that was so sweet of your father to buy you one. i am sure u are very happy :)

    xx rae

    pop by if you have a moment love, and follow if you like it!

  13. Love your hair :) Great outfit! ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  14. Loving your outfit with the blue jeans!

  15. Lucky girl!What a cool event!Great blog,I'm a new follower!

  16. Thank you ,but where did you follow ,with GFC? i follow now with GFC :)


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