Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Surprise


   20 years ago, God sent an angel from above. God thought of me when He looks at this cute angel and He said “Bertha, I will give you a nice surprise when you are 19th years old. This is kinda cute stuff. You will love this stuff more than your Barbie dolls. You can use her shoulder and cry on. You can share everything you want to. You can hug her when you need to. You can mention her as your best friend but you will love her as your dearest sister. Call her Angelica, I bet you will like My surprise”

And yes God, I love your surprise. .

Angelica turned 20th on 17 of March. I gave her a little surprise. Here it is…..
A pair of black suede loafer with
studded as her present

Cupcakes for her birthday cake!

I set the present and birthday cake on her car before she came

Here is the birthday girl !!! (She didn't realize 
if I hide behind the wall)

She looked happy with her birthday cake :)) 

About the picture:
1) Angelica opened the gift
2) It was like "I KNOW WHAT IT IS"
3) Laughed while reading the birthday greeting and wishes
4) It was like "Aww I have the sweetest best friend ever!!" (yes, in my opinion)

We celebrated her birthday with a quality "catch-up" time and lunch only two of us at Pizza e Birra 

My outfit

My handmade manicure ;)

Me with Angelica <3

"Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends."  ~Author Unknown



  1. warung pastaaa~ yepp i guess we're all worried about the test >.< *hugs all ccf classmates
    Bonne nuit too kukukk!

  2. hey nice blog
    I love your skirt

    I'm from Bali
    I've follow you
    mind to follow back ?


  3. Seems fun there! HBD Angelica :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. hey!!nice skirt...and those shoes are so ur blog
    btw mabbe we can follow each other.hope u like todo it

  5. awh thanks! :)
    yeah, that one is my favorite brown shoe!
    what's your favorite? tell me :)

  6. happy birthday to your friend :D i love your nails, dear <333
    RE: iya ya ampun sempit amat dunia :p ternyata joanna classmate kamu lol, anyway, i'm followed you, follow me back ya :)

  7. This food looks delicious!

  8. you two are adorable! loving your skirt too!

    found the route


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