Sunday, March 18, 2012

Night at the Convivium

Hello there!
In this post, I just want to share a day when I spent my night with my close friends. We went to Convivium Cafe Deli which located at Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 1 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. This is kind of cafe which serve homemade Italian cooking. Recommended for Italian food lovers! If you planning to come at above 5pm, you better reserve before the cake sold out. Red velvet cake is their best seller. These are some picture we've been taken.

Chocolate cupcake

Ice tea and hot chocolate. They gave me one lemon cookie when they served the hot chocolate.

I forgot to take some picture of this whole cafe :(

Left: Rigatoni al Salmone e Crema. Right: Tortellini al Salmone con Burro e Salvia
Joanna ordered Rigatoni al Salmone e Crema. This is rigatoni pasta with salmon and cream sauce.
Me ordered Tortellini al Salmone co Burro e Salvia. This is homemade pasta filled with salmon in butter and sage sauce.

Joanna and her rigatoni

I confused with those Italian menu even I didn't know how to spell them

Left: Torta arcobaleno. Right: Tortino el Cioccolato
 Finally! We got our desserts. Torta arcobaleno or rainbow cake with lemon butter cream and Tortino al Cioccolato or melted chocolate cake with ice cream on the side.

This was Gracia's dinner.
Pappardelle con sugo di Spuntature di Maiale (if im not mistaken). This is made from pork and tomato sauce.
This was Marie's dinner. Lasagna al Forno.
Traditional beef lasagna

Sandy and Gracia

This was Sandy's dinner.
Panino del Campione. Ciabatta bread with roast beef, blue cheese, and crispy pancetta


Sandy brought his best friend too.. His name is Juan.
He is pretty funny :))



  1. Love this kind of posts, with everyday pics!

  2. Beautiful post, now you made me hungry sweetie! Looks delicious!:*

  3. I'm glad of your good day! :D
    RAINBOW CAKE <33 *-* I WANT!
    I invite you and follow your blog

  4. thanks for making me hungry in the middle of the night :") i should go there! seems like a nice restaurant :)

  5. looks like you guys had a fun time!!

  6. Droooolling for the cupcakes and rainbow cakes! Tempatnya enak buat hangout ya?
    Iya nih aku batch 12, lg berjuang ahahahaha! Minggu lalu baru mulai kuliah lg ya?
    good luck on this semester! :D


  7. Wow, looks like such a fun time! And mmm, such yummy food too <3

    Trendy Teal

  8. i followed your blog, dear <3 <3


  9. beautiful! <3

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  10. everything looks delicious! especially that chocolate cupcake!

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    only a little obsession giveaway

  11. The rainbow cake looks so fun!! Can't imagine how much food colouring they have to put in the cake though haha.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Following you now, hope you can do the same for me!

  12. itu D.I.Y dia gituu kreatif yaa u.u abis dirumahnya banyak aksesoris neneknya yg ga kepake,tp lucu2

  13. Yum! Looks great!

  14. nice post !the foods looks so delicious :) anyway, is that Joanna from LSPR? (sorry if not):)

  15. aww envyy you :(
    i always wonder to go there.
    want to follow eacht other?

  16. rigatoni with salmon in a white sauce!

  17. Cute pics, look delicious! ♥


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